Principal’s Message

From Principal's Desk


The LDR Convent School is a co-educational school committed to achieving excellence in the field of education. The school established in 2011 is being run by The Seth Daulat Ram Memorial Educational Society. The visionaries of the Trust had been through many social and political upheavals, and it was their firm determination, farsightedness, and the consistent quest for higher quality education that has resulted in the creation of a school of par excellence which enables the students of this institution to compete with their counterparts in the world.

The budding years for any educational institution are apt to be critical and promising, but by the grace of Almighty and hearty co-operation of the honorable management, the dedication of the staff, and progressive reinforcement from the parents, the school has carved a niche for itself among the premier institutions.

Education for us is not a destination, but a journey of discovery of interrogation,a journey full of hope,

Promise and endless possibilities. We try to nurture each and every aspect of a child’s personality by providing him a very congenial atmosphere of co-operation, equality, and dignity. It has been the endeavor of our school to blend rich Indian cultural heritage with technologies of the future to develop sound ethical and noble virtues so that the students may do work with the courage of conviction, honesty of purpose, sincerity of efforts, and come up with a complete individual.

Present-day education is multi-dimensional with new changes and challenges every day.

Hence it becomes imperative for the parents also to unfold, refine and groom the personality of the child and make him socially. Emotionally and psychologically a complete individual so that he develops a tendency to work always for the larger interest. I feel proud and thanks to parents for the trust they bestowed on us and promise to keep it up to their expectation.

“I welcome each one of you to our institution where the latest technology, innovative teaching methodologies, and quality education are blended together to create unique learning experiences.”


Mrs. Gunjan